November 2015 Income Statement

This is my November 2015 income statement. It’s my first official income report and I’m sure they will evolve over time. It’s not a fair review though, as my first website, has been online for a few years. However, I wanted to start providing you with details on my income so you have an idea on what is possible and how I get there.

I also want you to see how I look at my business, how I organize my time each month, and what works best each month.

income statement for November 2015

Recap of Work this Month

I spent most of my time on my website. In the month of November, this site hit 500 pages, which was a huge accomplishment for me. It’s been a long road to get here and my goal is to continue to build the number of pages on this site.

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A few days before November, I decided to challenge myself and write a minimum of 1,000 words a day. I count the number of words in the articles I write, in articles I update, and anything I add to my books. Although I do other writing during the day, none of it counts. Only the words that go toward building my site are included.

I pushed myself hard this month and added 25 pages to my SF site. This is the most pages I’ve added to my site in any one month since I started. In total, I ended up writing 33,586 words. I keep track of them in a spreadsheet, so I can look back at my accomplishments. I took just a few days off this month and I still was able to average more than 1,200 words a day.

In addition to my work on, I finished the set up for DreamExploreInspire. This was a big accomplishment as I’ve had it in the background for a while and wasn’t able to get it up and running until this month. It didn’t take much time to get it finished, but it needed just a few more items added and I needed a little training to get started.

Traffic from

On average, I get between 2,000 and 3,000 visitors a day. In November, my average daily visitors was around 2,600 with my biggest day on Thanksgiving at 5,964.

november 2015 traffic report

November 2015 Income Statement:

In my November 2015 Income Statement, you will see that the majority of my income is from affiliates. I use a variety of affiliates on my site with my top performers being,, and

My total income from affiliates in November 2015 was $4,390.

In addition to affiliates, I also have one book called Your Insider’s Guide to San Francisco. I sell it on both Amazon Kindle and on my site. It’s a bumpy ride for the book, but sales are starting to pick up. The biggest challenge is pricing the book. If I price it too high, I get few sales, if I price it too low, I get few sales. I’m still working on that perfect in between price.

This month, my total income from all book sales was $45.65.

My total income for this month for my online businesses was $4,435.65.

  • Affiliates: $4,390
  • Book Sales: $45.65
  • Total: $4,435.65

In addition to sales, I always look to see what my sales are per average visitor. If you are doing well, you are making about $1 per average visitor per month. This month, I was able to achieve to make around $1.70 per average visitor.

Plans for Next Month

In December, my plan is to finally start adding pages to my DreamExploreInspire site (this page is one of the first!). In addition to my income statement, I will be adding pages about recent travels and more details to help all of you get started on your online businesses.

I also have a lot of work to do on my site. I need to create the 2016 version of the book, Your Insider’s Guide to San Francisco. I’ve also decided to create my second book which will be San Francisco with Kids.

On my SF site, I also need to add several new pages to work toward my goal of 700 pages by end of 2016.

What are your goals for this coming month? What successes and/or failures did you have in November? I would love to hear your comments, thoughts, and questions.

Also, please let me know what information you would like to see from me each month.



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