About Us

We are here to help you live the life you have always wanted. Feel free to dream along with us. You can then explore options to turn your dream into reality. Once you are there, please inspire others with your stories.

We’ll focus on three areas:

  • Travel: Planning, our experiences, etc.
  • Freedomprenuer: Building a mobile business (instead of entrepreneur, we are not looking to help people build coffee shops, but businesses where they can work from home, travel, and have a life with more freedom)
  • Change Your Life: Ways to change your attitudes, increase happiness, declutter, budget, etc.It’s designed to get people to think about the changes in stages

Let’s look at the name of this site:

  • Dream: Think about what it is you want
  • Explore: Take action to move toward your goals
  • Inspire: Tell others how you did it to help them move toward their goals. My fiancé and I want to use it as a forum to share our experiences and continue our mobile life. I have a successful San Francisco travel site and have lived a mobile life for 4+ years. I’d like to share my experience and help others do the same.  My fiancé is a therapist, but is moving into live coaching. He also has a travel blog about our life in Beijing and beyond. He would like to share his experiences, knowledge, and helps others change their attitudes in order to change their life.Different: It’s different because it’s more than your typical travel, life changing, or business blog. It incorporates three key areas that we think are important to a healthy and happy life. We will help people think about the possibilities, but also help them reach their goals through our articles, ebooks, consulting services, and guest success posts.

Our Current Location:
Playa del Coco, Costa Rica